Utility Savings for Businesses

Using energy and water efficient equipment and products can help to significantly reduce the amount of energy and water consumed by your business while also saving you money! The programs and companies listed below offer services related to increasing utility efficiency for a wide range of facilities. These programs and companies will conduct an audit of your facility and determine practices or equipment that you can alter or replace to reduce energy and water costs.

Electricity and Natural Gas

The State of Minnesota has a few ways to monitor the energy efficiency of buildings and homes and to reduce the amount of energy or water that the building uses. The Environmental Audit Program (EAP), run by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, encourages businesses, governments, and industries to examine the efficiency of their facilities and their compliance with local, state, or federal regulations regarding environmental policies. This allows the applicant to have the opportunity to correct any problems that are revealed through the audit process without consequences. In the case that a participant meets all of the requirements of the Environmental Audit Program, they may be eligible to receive a Green Star Award. For more information on the EAP, visit the website listed below, or contact Joann Henry or Jim Kolar.

Pollution Control Agency website

Joann Henry (651)757-2429
Jim Kolar (615)757-2174
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 Lafayette Road
North St. Paul, MN 55155

The Minnesota Department of Commerce supports the program MN Energy Smart, which works with the non-profit MN Waste Wise Foundation to conduct energy audits. The program offers free on-site energy consultations, free phone consultations, and utility bill analyses, among other services. 

There are also a few independent organizations that offer audits and energy conservations guidance, including most utility companies. Xcel Energy will conduct energy audits and studies to help businesses save energy and money. To explore the programs they have available, follow this link to their website: Xcel Energy 

If you have specific questions or would like to set up a consultation, get in touch with the Xcel representative for the City of Rogers, Larry Guenther by phone, (612)630-4337, or via email, larry.t.guenther@xcelenergy.com. CenterPoint Energy offers Natural Gas Energy Analyses for its customers. More information can be found on their website.

All Utilities
There are also private companies that are able to conduct a full utility audit that goes beyond energy performance. These audits will provide information regarding your business’s use of electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, waste, and other utilities. Some companies may even be able to provide certifications to recognize your facility’s efficiency. Contact City Staff if you need help finding a company to help you with your business’s audit needs.

If you’re looking to save some money during the audit process, there are also a number of audit checklists that you can use to conduct an audit yourself. The MN Pollution Control Agency offers some great checklists on their website. The PCA’s checklists are an excellent place to get started with your audit process.

Another low-cost option is the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program, an extension of the University of Minnesota, which offers a couple of great services for businesses looking to increase waste and energy efficiency. They are willing to perform site visits to help strategize ways to reduce waste and energy for the facility. They also run a 13-week internship program, during which a college student is placed at a business to help conduct research and offer solutions related to waste and energy efficiency. A description of these programs and their other services can be found here