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DECEMBER 17, 2013

The meeting of the Rogers Planning Commission was held on December 17, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. was called to order with Commissioners Martin, Meadows, Denker, Knapp, Burr, Terhaar, Ende Swanson and Busch were present.

Also present were City Planner/Community Dev. Coordinator Cartney, Deputy Clerk Splett and Councilmember Ihli.

The following was added under "Other Business":
• Update on the Adult Use ordinance and the Kennel ordinance
• Discussion regarding the requirements for PUDs, variances and conditional use permits

A. Approval of the November 19, 2013 Planning Commission Work Session Minutes and November 19, 2013 Planning Commission Minutes
Commissioner Ende moved, Commissioner Meadows seconded a motion to approve the November 19, 2013 Planning Commission Work Session Minutes and November 19, 2013 Planning Commission Minutes as submitted

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

A. Discussion Regarding Architectural Standards
City Planner Cartney provided the background information commenting on the following:
• City council directed staff to research developing architectural standards
• Currently we do not have any architectural standards other than for the highway overlay district
• Provided a draft ordinance as a starting point

The Planning Commission discussed the following:
• Adding no painted concrete block to prohibited materials
• Longevity of a combination of material; use of materials in architectural features, enhancement of entrances, etc.
• Remove items 1, 3 and 6 from the purpose statement in the draft ordinance
• Possibly eliminate overlay districts and apply to the various zoning districts
• St. Michael's ordinance is a good starting point
• Remove "except in association with farming activities" under prohibited materials in the draft ordinance
• Allow steel roofs
• Want materials that last longer than 5 years
• Buildings to be harmonious with existing neighboring developments and future developments; including color and architectural features
• Would like to keep percentages in the ordinance for materials to be used
• Commercial would including all of the business districts (B-1, B-2, B-3, and B-C)

The consensus of the Planning Commission is to have a draft ordinance developed and provided to the Planning Commission at the next meeting.

No action taken.

B. Discussion on Smoke Shop Ordinance
City Planner Cartney provided the background information commenting on the following:
• Currently the City does not have a tobacco ordinance, therefore sampling shops are not defined
• Concern for tobacco shops that offer "sampling" and smoking lounges
• Asked by the Administrator and a couple councilmembers to research and discuss the creation of an ordinance that speaks to smoke shops and sampling shops
• Currently Hennepin County handles all of the licensing of tobacco within the City of Rogers
• If we create a tobacco/smoke shop ordinance, the City would then handle the licensing, compliance checks, violations, etc.

The Planning Commission discussed the following:
• Check with Hennepin County to see if they are going to control the smoke shops and sampling shops if the city creates an ordinance
• What would the cost, manpower, and additional work this would create for the City
• What does the City stand to gain by taking the licensing upon ourselves

The consensus of the Planning Commission is that they would like more information on the pros and cons of this before they can review and create a new ordinance.

No action taken.

A. Update on the Adult Use Ordinance and Kennel Ordinance
City Planner Cartney briefly updated the Commission on the adult use ordinance and kennel ordinance. The City Attorney will be reviewing the adult use ordinance prior to being brought back to the Planning Commission. Both ordinances will be on the January Planning Commission agenda.

B. Discussion on the Requirements for PUDs, Variances and Conditional Use Permits
Planning Commissioner Martin requested that the members read their packets when there are applications for these on the agenda. Some of our applications don't align exactly with our code. Planner Cartney provides a rundown of the requirements in her memo that is very informative and helpful. It was also mentioned that the League of Minnesota Cities will have someone come out to speak with members on various topics. This would be great for new members and also for existing members.

C. Thanking Commissioners Ende and Busch
The Planning Commission thanked Commissioners Ende and Busch for their dedication and service on the Planning Commission.

Commissioner Swanson moved, Commissioner Ende seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:11 p.m.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

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