Prior to the annexation of Hassan, City Code essentially did not allow hunting anywhere in the City. With Hassan having more rural and undeveloped areas, it became apparent that changes to the ordinance needed to occur. The Planning Commission and City Council approved an ordinance that allows hunting to occur in the city-when certain circumstances are met. The ordinance in general states that:

  • A person may hunt or allow others to hunt, on land they own which is undeveloped and is not platted or adjacent platted, urban developments.
  • On all other land within the City-hunting is prohibited.
  • However – the Chief of Police may approve hunting on property in areas where hunting is typically prohibited when there is evidence that the hunt can be done safely, the person hunting has received permission to hunt from the landowner in writing, and they apply for and receive a hunting permit from the Police Department.
  • The permit may and often will, limit the game being hunting, and the weapons being used.
  • Rifles can't be used for any hunting anywhere in the City regardless of whether the hunting is being done in a non-permitted or permitted area.


Please review the Hunting Ordinance and zoning map before submitting a Hunting Permit. Fill out and return the Hunting Permit to the Rogers Police Department.