Green Tips Blog

Green Tips Blog

This summer we will be using this page to feature a weekly tip on how to become more 'green' right at home! Every Wednesday from Memorial Day until Labor Day, we will post simple and cheap ways to change things around home to lower your environmental footprint and save money! The tips will span ideas for gardening, conserving water, and even 'green' camping or grilling. Make sure to check back every Wednesday starting May 28th for Fresh Green Ideas!

Only 30% of the chemicals found in household cleaning products have been tested for human use and environmental safety. This means that it is not known how the other 70% of the chemicals used in cleaning products could affect human or environmental health. The average American household has 63 different synthetic chemical products, amounting to about 10 gallons of harmful chemicals. However, the average household also has most of the ingredients necessary to do the same cleaning without all the chemicals. All of these ingredients can be used to make solutions that won't irritate skin, create toxic fumes, or harm the health of you and your family.

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Now that we’re in the hottest month of the year, staying hydrated is crucial. Often times, it seems easiest and most convenient to rely on individual disposable water bottles for your hydration source. However, disposable bottled water is costing us money, our health, and our environment. Here are some facts and reasons for why you should start carrying a reusable safe plastic, stainless steel, or glass water bottle instead: 

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As we celebrate the Fourth of July and enjoy time with friends and family this week, it’s also important to keep the environment in mind. No matter how you choose to celebrate the holiday, there are a number of ways to stay green this Fourth. Keep some of these tips in mind: