Nothing beats grilling with fresh veggies or adding a delicious salad to a picnic. One of the best parts of summer is the accessibility of fresh produce for our meals. The best place to get produce and ensure that it’s as fresh as possible is a farmer’s market. Vendors at farmer’s markets usually grow the food they sell nearby and sell their crops themselves. Therefore, buying from these markets allows you to meet the person or people who grew your food and ensures that the food only travelled a short distance to get to you. In general, the products sold at farmer’s market are grown in a more environmentally friendly way than most products found at a typical grocery store. By shopping at a farmer’s market you are supporting those within your community and lessening your impact on the environment.

We are fortunate enough to have an excellent farmer’s market right in town. The Rogers Farmer’s Market takes place every Wednesday afternoon throughout the summer, 3:00pm – 6:30pm, at 12724 Main Street near the Veteran’s Memorial and the Triangle Park Community Gardens. The market hosts farmers, growers, artists, crafters, and select Rogers businesses, all of which are located within a 50 mile radius of the City of Rogers. The Market allows the vendors to sell their own products directly to the public and consumers to have a direct relationship with the producer of the items they purchase. 

The idea behind shopping at farmer’s markets can also be applied to other shopping consumers do. Shopping at locally owned businesses will have similar benefits. Shopping local supports the people and companies close to home rather than many miles away, while invigorating the local economy and job market. Smaller, locally-owned businesses generally make a limited profit on its sales, meaning that most earnings are spent on advertising, supplies, upkeep, printing, and employee salaries. Therefore, the money spent at such a business is more likely to stay within the community and could even be used to support your own business. Plus, supporting the local shops, restaurants, and other companies within the City will help keep the community unique.

Not only does buying locally support your community, but it also supports the environment. The most significant impact your change in spending habits would have is a significant decrease in the transportation required. Both you and the local business will be travelling less distance and limiting the pollution caused by transportation.

You can ‘shop local’ by patronizing any of the businesses on the Roger’s Local Business Directory. The businesses are either headquartered within the City, are one of a handful of locations within the metro area, or have their single location in Rogers. In an attempt to keep the money within our city and to support our fellow residents, we encourage you to shop, eat, and buy locally.