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shop-localIn recent years, many communities have conducted ‘Shop Local’ campaigns to help stimulate the local economy within their community. The idea behind these campaigns has been to support the people and companies close to home rather than many miles away. By doing so, money stays within the community and invigorates the local economy and job market. 

Smaller, locally-owned businesses generally make a limited profit on its sales, meaning that most earnings are spent on advertising, supplies, upkeep, printing, and employee salaries. Therefore, the money spent at such a business is more likely to stay within the community and could even be used to support your own business. Plus, supporting the local shops, restaurants, and other companies within the City will help keep the community unique.

Not only does buying locally support your community, but it also supports the environment. The most significant impact your change in spending habits would have is a significant decrease in the transportation required. Both you and the local business will be travelling less distance and limiting the pollution caused by transportation.

The following links to a list of businesses located within Rogers. The businesses are either headquartered within the City, are one of a handful of locations within the metro area, or have their single location in Rogers. In an attempt to keep the money within our city and to support our fellow residents, we encourage you to shop, eat, and buy locally.

If you think that your business belongs on this list or if you would prefer that your business were in a different category, please contact: Aimee Carlson at or (763) 428-0908.  Only businesses located in the Rogers commercial or industrial districts will be published.


There are a number of public and private schools located in the Rogers area.  The following are links to local public schools:


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