Arena Commission

The purpose of the Commission is to provide a forum for communication between the several organizations interested in hockey and the function of the arena within the Rogers community; and to provide an official advisory to the Rogers City Council relating to the interests and concerns of these organizations.

The Commission will assist with coordinating fundraising activities and sales of advertising within the arena.

The Commission will also assist in establishing and coordinating volunteers for concession work, tournaments and other special events.

Arena Commission meetings are held at the Rogers Activity Center unless otherwise noted on the agenda meetings are held bi-monthly on the second Monday of the month at 6:00pm.  The public is welcome to attend.

Arena Minutes March 9, 2015


In Attendance:

At Large: Jim Brummer
RYHA: Don Miller
RRFOBC: Barb Timm
City Council Members Marke Eiden & Darren Jakel
Staff: John Seifert and Mike Bauer
Tom Bishop

2. SET AGENDA: As Submitted.


3.1. Approval of January Minutes: As Submitted.


4.1. Expansion: There was discussion about setting a meeting with RYHA Otsego Members and Staff of the City of Otsego. There was a review of the RYHA funded feasibility study, naming rights and how single sheet ice arenas are able to cover operational cost but not debt and operations. Staff will seek permission to meet with the Otsego staff, and will attend a meeting setup by RYHA Otsego members. There was a discussion of additional recreational/fitness and private spaces being added on to the facility and efforts to date and possible financing options in public, private partnerships and various referendum possibilities.
4.2. Recognition Policy: There was a discussion of the draft of the Player Recognition Policy, staff will make changes and return it for the next meeting.
4.3. Center Ice Logo: After review it was determined that the “cat” logo will be used until the high school rebrands or changes.


5.1. Royals Face Off Booster Board Update: Seasons wrapped up, working on next year’s budget reviewed the $20,000 annual commitment.
5.2. RYHA Board Update: U10 Tournament went well looking at adding another tournament and splitting the tournament,12 teams turned away this year, spending $40k on dryland facility, numbers are continuing go up, second trophy case was taken out of the budget. RYHA is looking at a policy for in season trophies to remove them from the top of the trophy case.

6. OTHER BUSINES: There was a question of staff of why the concessions stand does not take credit cards. Staff explained current abilities and was requested to look into options for the future.


7.1. Facility Updates: The “Winter Season” is coming to a close with the Mite Roundup March 14 & 15. There are 17 teams in this year a record for the event. On the Boys Varsity senior night a pain of glass broke during warmups the game was delayed by 40 minutes. Staff will give a report on the U10 tournament of champions at the meeting. Early AAA tournament canceled.

8. Concessions Pro-shop POS* YTD Report:

Concessions Pro shop POS YTD Report

9. ADJOURN 7:32pm

10. NEXT MEETING: May 11th 2015, Rogers Activity Center

Arena Minutes January 12, 2015


Tom Bishop

Jim Cecil RRFOBC

John Seifert Public Works Superintendent

Mike Bauer Recreation & Facilities Director

2. SET AGENDA:  As Submitted.


3.1. Approval of November Minutes: Approved with changes.


4.1. Feasibility Study: There was a motion to recommend for staff to request information on the feasibility of refinancing the Activity Center 3-0.  There was a discussion about staff meeting with Otsego staff to visit the issue of a partnership with Otsego Members of RYHA. 

4.2. Recognition Policy:  Staff provided a draft of the plan and requested that members come to the March meeting with changes.

4.3. Center Ice Logo: This was tabled until a member of RYHA (who made the request) is able to be at the meeting.


5.1. RYHA Board Update: No Report.

5.2. Royals Face Off Booster Board Update: Salt fund raiser was complete.  Golf Tournament slated for second Saturday of September.  Wine tasting successful event again.



7.1. Facility Updates: 

2014 was a banner year for ice sales, while the $5 increase accounts for 1/3 of the increase the rest of the increased ice sales are due to a higher load of off season tournaments, two Jr Hockey camps and being a host to the Midwest Mustangs AAA team.  Staff will look to match the numbers again however some of the camps are hard to retain.  There are still some outstanding maintenance issues from 2014.  There have been lighting issues that have caused lights to not turn on or to not turn off, the controls contractor continues to work on this issue. Staff was notified that RYHA was not successful in the Hennepin County Youth Sports Equipment Grant. The replacement of the ice plant has been added to the CIP for 2037 $1,150,000 this is in 2015 dollars including 20% Contingencies and 15% Soft Costs.  As of 3:00pm on Friday the Mite Roundup has 12 teams for this year.  Try Hockey For Free Day was Saturday November 8th 2-3:15pm there were 21 registered participants and almost as many volunteers from RYHA and Rogers High School. A picture from the event was featured in Lets Play Hockey and on the Minnesota Hockey Webpage.

8. Concessions Pro-shop POS* YTD Report:

9. ADJOURN 6:55pm


March 9th 2015, Rogers Activity Center


Arena Commission Members

Don Miller
Rogers Youth Hockey Association
James Cecil
Rogers Royals Face Off Booster Club
Darren Jakel
Council Member Representative (Alternate)
Mark Eiden
Council Member Representative (Primary)
John Seifert
Public Works Superintendent
Jim Brummer
At large
Mike Bauer
Recreation & Facilities Manager