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Advertisement for Bids - Safe Routes to School

The project involves the construction of a 10 foot bituminous trail and retaining wall within the south right-of-way of CSAH 144 in Rogers. The project will begin at the Rogers Middle School and continue along CSAH 144 to Mallard Drive.  Bid details are available for download

Rogers Ranked 6 for "Best Minneapolis Suburbs to Live In

The City of Rogers was just named #6 overall on the list of “Best Minneapolis Suburbs to Live In” by Scoring criteria included “Amenities per capita, standard of living (cost of living, median home value, median rent, median household income, and high school graduation rate), total crimes per 100k, unemployment rate and average commute time.” Yet another acknowledgement for our great community…congratulations Rogers!  For details visit


City of Rogers and State Representative Joyce Peppin Pursue Fiscal Disparities Legislation

The City of Rogers would like to thank State Representative/Majority Leader Joyce Peppin for her strong support of the City's efforts to seek relief from the tax/revenue impacts of the State Fiscal Disparities Program. Specifically, Representative Peppin has again advanced a bill that, if passed into law, would cap tax capacity contributions to the Fiscal Disparities for cities like Rogers which are not part of the Metropolitan Council regional wastewater system.

The Metropolitan Area Fiscal Disparities Program is a mandatory program enacted by the State Legislature in an attempt to address fiscal concerns within the seven‐county Metro area and to equalize tax base by requiring that all communities in the area contribute 40 percent of the growth in their commercial/industrial tax base after 1971 to a regional pool. The tax base is then redistributed to cities based upon a State formula. Rogers is annually one of the largest, if not the largest net contributors/net losers to the program in terms of percentage of tax base lost. Rogers loses between 15-20% of its tax base to the program on an annual basis, resulting in a commensurate loss of more than $1 million dollars in annual revenue/tax relief. Notably, Rogers is the only city within the top 20 net contributors to the program that is not part of the regional wastewater system, and is the only city with its own wastewater treatment plant which is a significant net contributor/net loser to the program.

Read more: City of Rogers and State Representative Joyce Peppin Pursue Fiscal Disparities Legislation

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