City Code / Ordinances

The City annexed over 400 acres of land August, 2010. According to the Roger's Zoning Ordinance, those properties were immediately zoned Agriculture until otherwise changed. In order to assign a zoning district to those properties, Rogers held a public hearing in July, 2010 regarding the addition of two new rural residential zoning districts, RE-2 and RE-5. Since then, a few changes have been recommended and ordinance NO 2011-02 incorporates them.

The changes to the Accessory Structure ordinance are to mostly accommodate the two new rural residential zoning districts. Hassan Township had accessory structure allowances directly in the zoning district whereas Rogers has a separate ordinance. Additional square footage for any zoning district will be reviewed by conditional use permit.

The amendments are a result of a recommendation by the Hassan Planning Commission and Joint Rogers/Hassan Planning Annexation Board that was assigned the task to review all of the code merger responsibilities pursuant to the Orderly Annexation Agreement.