All commercial and industrial buildings require a lockbox and must follow the lock box requirements in an approved location by the Fire Chief.  If your building is equipped with a sprinkler and / or fire alarm system then a tamper switch on your lockbox is required. 

Below are the types of mounts that are available and the associated costs: 

Item Price
S3-Surface Mount $131
S3-Surface Mount w/ Tamper Switches $168
R3-Recessed Mount $160
R3-Recessed Mount w/ Tamper Switch $186
Mounting Kit (Option for S-3 & R-3 Models Only) $59
(Required) Shipping & Processing Charge $9
(Required) 6.9% sales tax on shipping and items ?


Contact Fire Department

Station 1:  
21201 Memorial Drive
Rogers, MN 55374

Station 2:  
22350 South Diamond Lake Road
Rogers, MN 55374

Fire Chief
Brad Feist

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