The City of Rogers is making progress on the following initiatives to make its public buildings more energy efficient:

April 2012: The City replaced its remaining incandescent traffic signals with LED bulbs, leading to 100% LED traffic signals city-wide. LED traffic signals last longer and use less energy. LED signals are also made up of several tiny lights, so if one light burns out, the signal will continue to operate.


February 2012: The City completed installation of a new Building Automation System at the Rogers Activity Center. This project is expected to save the City over $400,000 in energy costs over the next 20 years.

November 2011: The City began tracking its public building energy use with the State of Minnesota's B3 Benchmarking program. This program helps the city to identify which buildings could yield significant cost-savings through energy conservation projects such as recommissioning, lighting upgrades, and building envelope upgrades. Download the summary report for details.

Summer 2011: The City installed new, energy-efficient floating pond aerators at its sludge storage pond, yielding annual savings of $1,700.Floating Aerator

Since 2009: The City has installed energy-efficient lighting in the following buildings:

Lamp Installation

  • Police Station
  • Municipal Liquors
  • Rogers Wines and Spirits
  • Public Works and City Hall
  • Fire Station and Community Room

This new lighting gives off a better quality of light and is expected to save the City over $7,800 annually in energy costs.

Contact Information:

Mike Bauer

City of Rogers