Rogers Officers were dispatched to a local business on a scam. Complainant reported he received a call from someone who stated they worked for Xcel Energy, informing business owner that he was behind on payments and requested the business owner to pay the bill immediately or the power would be shut off to the business. The business owner bought a reloadable credit card, giving fraudulent Xcel representative the credit card number for payment. The complainant called Xcel on Monday to check the status of his account, finding that Xcel did not call his business and he had been the victim of a scam.

Xcel Energy Scam alert

April 8, 2010
MINNEAPOLIS--Due to recent events in the Twin Cities metro area, Xcel Energy wants to remind its customers to be cautious about giving their credit card information over the phone when receiving an unsolicited phone call.
Xcel Energy does contact customers before disconnecting service and with payment reminder calls. A caller from Xcel Energy will be able to confirm a customer's account number with them prior to discussing the account.

In a handful of incidents, customers were contacted over the phone by someone claiming to be with Xcel Energy. The individual states the customer is overdue on their energy bill and a credit card number is needed to pay the balance.

Any customer who may receive a call of this nature should NOT provide the caller with the information. If a customer is concerned about whether a call they have received is from Xcel Energy, they can hang up and call Xcel Energy directly at 800-895-4999, and they should contact their local law enforcement agency.
If you have any information concerning this scam, or feel you have been the victim of a similar scam, Please contact the Rogers Police Department 8:30-4:30 M-F 763-428-3450 After Hours- 911.