According to Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Facts 2010, there were 411 traffic deaths in 2010—a third consecutive annual drop and another positive step from the last decade when 550–650 people were killed annually.  In 2010, the City of Rogers had a reported total of 243 crashes, 62 involving personal injury (86 persons injured) and 181 were damage to property. There were 0 fatalities.

Donna Berger with the Office of Traffic Safety  says many factors supported the trend of fewer traffic deaths, such as proactive campaigns anchored in the state's cornerstone traffic safety initiative, Toward Zero Deaths (TZD). "The continued decline in deaths reflects collaboration among partners and strategies employed in our state's TZD program," notes Berger. The TZD goal is 375 or fewer deaths by the end of 2014. Berger also cites legislation, such as stronger teen graduated driver's licensing laws; ban on texting/ emailing/Web access; and the primary seat belt law and booster seat law requirement for children.

The most common crash factors were:

  • Driver inattention/distraction
  • Failure to yield right-of-way
  • Illegal or unsafe speed.

Seat Belts
Of 305 vehicle occupants killed, 148 were belted; 55 percent of those not belted were ejected.

Impaired Driving
The 131 alcohol-related deaths is a drop from 141 in 2009 and the lowest since 1984, when the statistic was first measured. Impaired driving remains a factor in one-third of all deaths.

There were 45 rider deaths, down 15 percent from 53 deaths in 2009.

There were 41 teen deaths (ages 15–19) in 2010, a slight increase from 38 deaths in 2009. However, teen traffic fatalities have decreased dramatically; there were 78 teen deaths in 2004.

There were 36 pedestrian deaths in 2010, a 12 percent decrease from 2009 (41).

The nine bicyclist deaths in 2010 were a decrease from 10 fatalities in 2009.

The remaining deaths included ATV riders (8); moped riders (3); snowmobilers (3); and farm equipment occupants (2).

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