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1. Call to Order. The regular meeting of the Council of the City of Rogers was called to order by Acting Mayor Ihli on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at Rogers Community Center, 21201 Memorial Drive, Rogers, MN, 55374.

Council present: Don Hall, Rick Ihli, Darren Jakel, and Maureen Stanley.
Member excused: Jay Bunting

Staff present: Jeff Beahen, Police Chief; Gary Buysse, Liquor Operations Manager; Jeff Carson, City Attorney; Sheila Cartney, City Planner/Econ. Develop. Coord; Stacy Scharber, Assistant City Administrator; John Seifert, Public Works Supt.; Steve Stahmer, City Administrator; Bret Weiss, City Engineer; and Lisa Wieland, Finance Director.

2. Open Forum
Brian Erickson, 20697 Bluebill Avenue
Mr. Erickson asked the Council if they are going to let the Preserve at Commerce rebuild the generator where it was, if they request.

Stahmer asked Chief Beahen to provide an update on where the City is at with the generator.

Beahen stated most of the investigation is complete on the explosion; still waiting on the report from the State Fire Marshall. Beahen stated that according to the report from Pipeline Safety, the generator should have been started every 6 weeks; it hadn't been started in 5 years. This was an issue of lack of maintenance. Beahen stated the report is public information as it has become part of the case file. In terms of the concern if it is allowed to be rebuilt, that will be up to others. Beahen commented that The Preserve is not eager to start that type of device. Beahen also stated that The Preserve is being fined $25,000 per day for not having an alternative heat source.

Beahen then commented on the concern of a propane shortage; a serious issue as we have many residents that use propane.

Beahen concluded stating The Preserve will be asked to look at a generation system, although he cannot predict what type of system will be used. He would guess they would not be looking at this type of system.

Mr. Erickson again approached the podium stating he made calls the night before about the noise keeping his kids awake. If they are bad at maintenance, what's to stop them from doing it again? Erickson commented on a lot of kids that play in the area of the generator and they are lucky that it didn't kill somebody. Erickson stated all of the neighbors want it moved and they do not want another chance of an explosion. Erickson asked what they need to do to get it removed.

Ihli asked Chief Beahen if anything is going to be done soon, or are we still waiting for reports.

Beahen stated in the report it speaks to a lack of maintenance. All that said, what will replace this is unknown. Beahen spoke on other large businesses in town that have generators. The State Fire Marshall report will be thoroughly reviewed, any new system will need to be reviewed by State Fire Marshall, the City's building official, and possibly the Planning Commission.

Staff stated they will put Mr. Erickson on a list to contact at any time it comes to a public meeting.

3. Presentations
3.01 Swearing in Stephen Sarazin as Roger Police Sergeant
Police Chief Beahen provided background information and qualifications on Sergeant Sarazin. Beahen presented a couple documents to the Sergeants group, the first one titled Believe in Your Own Leadership. The second is a White Paper titled American Policing in 2022. He is asking the Sergeants to take the City into the future of policing.

Acting Mayor Ihli swore in Sgt. Sarazin.

4. Approve Agenda
The agenda was set as submitted.

5. Consent Agenda
5.01 Approval of Minutes from January 14, 2014 City Council Meeting
5.02 Approval of Bills and Claims
5.03 Approval of Pay Equity Report
5.04 Adopt Ordinance No. 2014–03, An Ordinance Amending Chapter 125 of the Rogers City Code (Zoning) to Address Amendments to the Regulation of Adult Uses (Adult Oriented Businesses) and Summary Ordinance No. 2014-03
5.05 Adopt Ordinance No. 2014-04, An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Rogers Section 125-1 Relating to the Zoning Definitions and Summary Ordinance No. 2014-04
5.06 Adopt Ordinance No. 2014-05, An Ordinance Amending Chapter 125 of the Rogers City Code (Zoning) to Establish/Clarify Kennel Related Uses and Definitions and Summary Ordinance No. 2014-05
5.07 Approval of Resolution No. 2014-04, A Resolution of Support for the Safe Routes to School Application for the Underpass on CSAH 144
5.08 Authorization to Purchase Meter Supplies for 2014
5.09 Approval to Hire New Police Officer
Jakel moved, Stanley seconded a motion to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried 4-0.

6. Public Hearings

7. General Business
7.01 Concept Plan – Highpoint Church property
Planner Cartney addressed the Council regarding the concept plan for the former Highpoint Church property located at Fletcher Lane and County Road 81. Proposed is 192 units into 14 buildings consisting of 8-plexes and 16-plexes; 10 buildings will be 16-plexes and four will be 8-plexes.

Cartney stated the Police Chief has suggested entering them into crime free housing; meaning as a lease have them sign a crime free multi-housing lease.

Cartney stated the proposed building elevations were provided as a reference point. The applicant has told staff and the Planning Commission that it is not actually what they will be proposing. They are however proposing single-stall garages and our ordinance does allow for that.

Cartney stated the County has indicated access/curb-cut is fine in its current location. Cartney stated she supports the concept of a planned unit development but does not support the look of the buildings proposed; wanting better materials.

Cartney stated if the concept is approved the property would need to go through rezoning, comp plan amendment, site plan review, preliminary and final plat.

Cartney then stated she received an email today from the applicant illustrating another concept they wanted to look at, a higher density concept. This plan has not been circulated to staff as it was just received. Cartney suggested the Council act upon the item that was presented to the Planning Commission and not the revised plan. The question before Council is if you accept the overall density, and do you accept the overall style as market rate rental property. It would be taking the property from medium density residential to high density residential.

The applicant was present to field questions from Council.

Staff explained that the actual buildings would be purchased by various investors and the units within each building would be rental units.

Seifert stated the County may require turn lanes on County Road 81 to serve the high density residential.

Hall asked the difference between medium and high density. Staff explained medium is five to 10 units per acre and high density is 10 to 20 units.

Stanley asked how many bedrooms will be in each unit and where would the children play. The applicant, Brian Reiner, responded they would be two to three bedroom units and there is enough space on the site for children to play.

Jakel commented on a revised plan just being received today and the need for more parking. Jakel also expressed concern over having multiple owners of the various buildings and questioned maintenance and if they would be condo units with a management company. Jakel also requested the applicant to consider a playground. Jakel stated he agrees with the crime-free housing stating it helps keep the area nice and the building well maintained. Jakel asked if the application can go back to the Planning Commission to address the concerns raised by Council.

Cartney stated if the Council is okay with the density, then the applicant would come back with applications for the rest of the approvals.
Commissioner Martin stated this isn't approval of detailed plan; is the concept something the City is ok with? Martin suggested that the density may be a plus. Martin stated this is overall conceptual approval and the buildings shown will not be accepted. The applicant will have to go through the entire process if the City is comfortable with the higher density townhome concept in that area.

Hall stated that doubling the density is something to be concerned about. Along with higher density is higher traffic and more moving parts. Hall stated he has a hard time believing the higher density will be accepted with one way in and one way out.

Stahmer suggested that based on the new site plan that was received today, and the concern of locking into higher density, along with the other noted concerns and suggestions, it would be appropriate to table consideration according to Attorney Carson.

Ihli stated he thinks tabling this is wise since we just received a second plan today and questioned if the item should go back to the Planning Commission first or just come back to Council.

Council decided it could just come back before them in two weeks, but to invite the Planning Commission to attend.

Stanley moved, Jakel seconded a motion to table consideration for two weeks. Motion carried 4-0.

7.02 Authorization to Bid Veteran's Memorial Project
Public Works Supt. Seifert addressed the Council stating he has two items for Council consideration; 1) to authorize the plans and specifications for advertisement for bid, and 2) to order material to capture the savings for sales tax and to expedite the process.
Seifert stated he has been meeting with a stakeholders group through the process and the final stages have been reviewed. Seifert then proceeded through a PowerPoint presentation.

The design for the Veteran's Memorial project was shown to Council. Seifert stated that staff has been using the Minnesota Historical Society to help with the names and rank of the veterans to be listed.

Ihli stated that a lot of people are excited about the project and have been working hard. There has been a lot of fundraising already with more events coming. Currently funds are over $100,000.

Council thanked WSB for the design and stated this is a great project and something the City should be real proud of.

Hall stated he appreciates Seifert's time and patience.

Jakel moved, Stanley seconded a motion to accept the plans and authorize the advertisement for bids for the Veteran's Memorial Project. Motion carried 4-0.

Hall moved, Jakel seconded a motion to authorize City Staff to order the granite memorial material for installation at the Veteran's Memorial Project. Motion carried 4-0.

7.03 Washington, D.C. Transportation Funding Trip – Discussion Only
Administrator Stahmer asked if the Council wanted to take their annual DC trip at the same time as the National League of Cities conference which is around March 10th.

Council discussed if it is best to go when other cities from Minnesota are present or to wait.

Engineer Weiss stated the bill hasn't started yet and it may be more beneficial if they are starting to have meetings on the transportation bill before going. Weiss stated March may be a little early and may not have as much impact.

Jakel concurred with the recommendation to hold off. Jakel stated when he was there before, he did attend the NLC conference and found the information valuable, but agrees that waiting would be better

Ihli agrees in delaying the trip for a few months and stated that it is a budgeted expenditure for the Council to go to DC and hopes the Council continues to do it on an annual basis.

Weiss commented that the Council has developed a strong relationship with the federal delegation.

Staff stated they will take the direction to pick a date that would make more sense to travel to DC and meet with representatives.

Council agreed. No action taken.

8. Other Business

9. Correspondence and Reports
9.01 Rogers Park Board Meeting Minutes December 12, 2013
No action taken.

Jakel moved, Stanley seconded a motion to adjourn at 7:51 p.m. Motion carried 4-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Stacy Scharber
Assistant City Administrator/Clerk

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