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DECEMBER 20, 2011

The meeting of the Rogers Planning Commission was held on December 20, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. was called to order with Commissioners Breun, Denker, Ende, Knapp, Terhaar, Kornovich and Busch present.

Also present were City Planning Consultant Steve Grittman, Deputy Clerk Splett and Councilmember Ihli.

Member(s) excused: Noto

No one wished to speak.

Vice Chairman Knapp inquired if there was anyone who wished to place an item on the Agenda.

The agenda was set as submitted.

A. Approval of the November 15, 2011 Planning Commission Minutes
Commissioner Denker moved, Commissioner Ende seconded a motion to approve the Consent Agenda as submitted.

On the vote, all members Denker, Ende, Knapp, Terhaar, Kornovich and Busch voted AYE. Member Breun abstained. Motion carried.

A. Public Hearing to Consider a Request by NRD Powersports for a Conditional Use Permit for Outdoor Storage/Sales, Located at 20700 Rogers Drive
Planning Consultant Grittman provided the background information commenting on the following:
• Site of the former Link Recreational which has 2 buildings – storage in the building to the west and sales in the building to the east
• Renovation to the parking and landscaping
• Boats to be parked along the frontage of Rogers Drive
• Sales of recreational vehicles and boats are a permitted use
• Parking exceeds the code requirement of 32
• Work with staff in the spring to finish the landscaping and parking lot issues

Vice Chairman Knapp opened the meeting for public comment.

The following comments were registered:
The conditional use permit issued to Link Recreation has terminated due to the lapse in occupation of the building/use for over one year. All rights are lost and a new conditional use permit must be issued for this request.
Commissioner Ende: Will they be storing boats for customers or just their own?
Planner Grittman stated they have not mentioned nor asked for that. This is only for sales and outside display.
Commissioner Denker inquired if they had a move in date set.
Planner Grittman responded that they are in the building now.
Commissioner Kornovich asked why they can be in the building prior to receiving the conditional use permit?
Planner Grittman stated that the conditional use permit is for outside sales only.

At this point, the applicant Monte Howerton arrived and to answer questions by the Planning Commission.
Commissioner Ende asked if there will be storage of private boats at this location?
Monte Howerton, NRD Powersports: No, we will not be storing private boats here.
Commissioner Denker asked if there would be internal storage of private boats.
Monte Howerton: There will not be any storage at this location, just sales at this location.
Commissioner Denker inquired if they had an issue with the sign ordinance.
Monte Howerton: We don't have an issue. That is between the owner and the City, we are just here to sell boats. It would be a large expense to the owner to remove the pylon sign, approximately $50,000-$60,000.
Commissioner Kornovich stated that the sign was to be removed a while ago and hasn't been done.
Monte Howerton: I am not contending that. The sign has been there a long time. I was told that there is an agreement between the City and the previous owner. We are just here to sell boats and have nothing to do with the removal of the sign.
Commissioner Denker stated that the sign removal is tied to the conditional use permit. It is recommended that the sign be removed as one of the conditions of the conditional use permit.
Monte Howerton: What are the solutions that do not include the removal of the sign? The property is zoned retail. The owner turned the sign back on.
Planner Grittman stated that the sign should not be turned on.
Monte Howerton: The owner has stated that he has had a lease agreement with continual occupancy throughout this entire time. We are planning on opening on Thursday, Dec. 22nd. When we get the conditional use permit the boats will go outside.
Commissioner Denker asked if the face of the sign has been or will be modified.
Monte Howerton: No, just lower to the ground.
Planner Grittman stated that the code has changed since this pylon sign was installed. These are no longer permitted in the city.
Monte Howerton: We feel we are being singled out on this. Best Buy has a pylon sign. We need to come to a solution for this.
Planner Grittman: The owner should meet with the City as soon as possible on this. He could possibly apply for a variance or a standard sign adjustment, but he should contact us.

Commissioner Denker moved, Commissioner Ende seconded a motion to close the public hearing.
On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

The Planning Commission discussed the following:
• Resolve sign issue prior to granting the Conditional Use Permit
• Change condition #4 to include that it is either removed or the owner receives approval of a sign variance
• Wall signage on the building must meet current code requirements

Commissioner Denker moved, Commissioner Ende seconded a motion to recommend approval of the Conditional Use Permit by NRD Powersports for outside sales, at 20700 Rogers drive, subject to the following conditions:
1. Existing site lighting complies with the City's regulations for avoiding glare onto adjacent public right of way.
2. The applicant works with staff on parking lot and landscaping renovation in the spring, and has completed any required improvements necessary to comply with staff requirements and City ordinance no later than June 30, 2012
3. Wall signage for the site meets the requirements of the Rogers Sign Ordinance, as cited in this report.
4. The existing freestanding sign is removed, or reconstructed to meet ordinance requirements prior to initiation of outdoor sales and display on the site, or the applicant/owner applies for and receives a variance for a sign in excess of current sign regulations.
5. The Fire Chief inspects the site and finds the facility in compliance with applicable fire codes, or measures are instituted to bring the facility into such compliance.
6. Findings and recommendations of other City staff.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

A. Alside Outdoor Storage Site Plan Review, Located at 20195 S. Diamond Lake Rd.
Planning Consultant Grittman provided the background information commenting on the following:
• Previously received approval for 12 ½ % of buildings square footage for outside storage
• Topography of the property helps to screen the outside storage
• Screening to be done with similar material as the existing
• This would bring the outside storage to approximately 39,500 sq.ft.

There was a brief discussion by the Planning Commission.

Commissioner Kornovich moved, Commissioner Terhaar seconded a motion to recommend approval of the proposed Site Plan Review for an additional 20,000 square feet of outdoor storage, with the following conditions:
1. The approval increases allowable outdoor storage on the site to a total of 39,500 square feet out of a maximum 64,800 square feet under the CUP.
2. Future expansions of the outdoor storage on the site will require separate site plan review and approval.
3. The proposed new storage area is screened to match the existing storage in both color and material – tan colored screening fabric over chain link fencing.
4. Storage shall not be stacked higher than the screening fence.
5. The City's Fire Chief inspects and approves the proposed storage area, including both the layout and adequate emergency access.
6. Hazardous materials are not permitted.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

A. Commission Membership for 2012
The advertisement was been sent to the City's official paper, North Crow River News to be published two times and also on the City's website. Applications were to be in by noon on Tuesday, Dec. 13th. Clarification was requested if Hassan residents would be able to apply. Consensus was that they could apply as the appointments would not take place until January of 2012 when they will all be Rogers residents. We received 6 new applications.

The Planning Commission interviewed the following five applicants:
Christopher Busch      Greg Hoseth
Dennis Meadows        Gregg Peppin
Steve Swanson

After the interviews, the Planning Commission took a ballot vote voting for 1 sitting member and 1 alternate member. Deputy Clerk Splett tallied the votes with the applicants receiving the most votes for a seated position being Dennis Meadows and most votes for the alternate position being Steve Swanson.

Commissioner Knapp moved, Commissioner Denker seconded a motion to recommend Dennis Meadows be appointed to the open seated position and Steve Swanson be appointed to the open alternate position of the Planning Commission.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

Commissioner Denker thanked Commissioners Breun and Kornovich for their years of service to the City and wished them well.

Commissioner Breun moved, Commissioner Kornovich seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 p.m.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

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