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NOVEMBER 15, 2011

The meeting of the Rogers Planning Commission was held on November 15, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. was called to order with Commissioners, Denker, Ende, Knapp, Terhaar, Kornovich, Noto and Busch present.

Also present were City Planning Consultant Steve Grittman and Deputy Clerk Splett.

Member(s) excused: Breun

No one wished to speak.

Chairman Noto inquired if there was anyone who wished to place an item on the Agenda.

The following was added under "Other Business":
• Discussion on current sign ordinance relating to sign standards adjustments

A. Approval of the October 18, 2011 Planning Commission Minutes
Commissioner Denker moved, Commissioner Ende seconded a motion to approve the Consent Agenda as submitted.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

A. Public Hearing to Consider a Request by 1st National Bank of Elk River (Imperial Wire) for the Rezoning of the Property from B-2 Business Commercial to L-I Limited Industrial, Located at 21050 Commerce Blvd.
Planning Consultant Grittman provided the background information commenting on the following:
• The rezoning will allow the property to be consistent with the zoning and guided land use
• Abuts to industrial on the east and north sides and the future zoning to the south will also be industrial

Chairman Noto opened the meeting for public comment.

There were no comments registered.

Commissioner Kornovich moved, Commissioner Knapp seconded a motion to close the public hearing.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

The Planning Commission discussed the following:
• Being consistent with the long range plan for that area

Commissioner Knapp moved, Commissioner Busch seconded a motion to recommend approval of the rezoning of the subject site from B-2, Commercial Business to L-I, Limited Industry along with the findings of fact as follows:
1. The proposed rezoning is consistent with the City's 2030 Land Use Plan which directs industrial use of the subject property.
2. Development that would occur under the proposed zoning classifications can be accommodated with existing and planned public services.
3. Industrial use of the subject property will be compatible with existing land uses in the area.
4. Use the subject property according to the proposed L-I zoning classification will not be detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of the neighborhood or the general public.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

A. Rapid Marine - Sign Standards Adjustment Located at 21150 Rogers Dr.

Planning Consultant Grittman provided the background information commenting on the following:
• Proposing a 219 sq.ft. wall sign, ordinance allows 80 sq.ft. total area
• Signage on the building is fully visible to the freeway – no justification for requesting additional square footage
• Consider same request as was granted for Stonelounge to take square footage from the rear of the building and move it to the front wall area

The Planning Commission discussed the following:
Ricky Brown, Rapid Marine stated that the architectural design of the space is for the signage; feels it is a reasonable request for freeway traffic visibility
• This signage fits the façade better – similar to what was allowed there previously
• Request is actually for 141 sq.ft. not 219 sq.ft. is you measure around the letters
• Future requests for increased signage will probably not be approved
• Finish blacktopping

Commissioner Noto moved, Commissioner Denker seconded a motion to recommend approval of a Sign Standards Adjustment subject to the following conditions and findings of fact:
1. Front wall sign area of a maximum of 160 square feet.
2. No rear wall signage permitted.
3. Future pylon sign construction limited to the allowances of the code, without adjustment.
4. Resolution of the measurement question relating to sign area.
5. Completion of outstanding issues (blacktopping) within a reasonable amount of time – 9 months.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

Draft Findings of Fact
Rapid Marine Sign Standards Adjustments
21150 Rogers Drive
Wall Sign Area

1. The sign ordinance limits wall signage for this property to 80 square feet of sign area.
2. The sign ordinance provides an opportunity to alter this requirement upon a finding that (1) visibility, (2) sign design, or (3) intent of the zoning district suggest a different size.
3. The sign ordinance permits an additional 80 square feet of sign area for the rear wall of this building, given its additional frontage on Commerce Drive.
4. The sign ordinance provides for, in addition to the 80 square feet of wall signage, up to 100 square feet of freestanding sign area on the property.
5. The City has utilized the Sign Standards Adjustment process to allow sign applicants to shift the location of allowable signage on the property, provided the property does not display more total sign area that would otherwise be allowed without adjustment.
6. By shifting the rear building sign allowances to the front building wall, the applicant could display a sign on the front wall of up to 160 square feet in area, with future allowance for a pylon sign meeting the code allowances for such signs.

A. Commission Membership for 2012

The advertisement was been sent to the City's official paper, North Crow River News to be published two times and also on the City's website. Applications were to be in by noon on Friday, November 4th. Clarification was requested if Hassan residents would be able to apply. Consensus was that they could apply as the appointments would not take place until January of 2012 when they will all be Rogers residents. We received 3 applications, two from existing members and 1 new applicant.

The Planning Commission interviewed the three applicants

Commissioner Noto moved, Commissioner Knapp seconded a motion to recommend the three applicants be appointed to 3 of the sitting positions of the Planning Commission.

On the vote, all members Knapp, Noto, Kornovich, and Denker voted AYE. Members Ende and Busch abstained. Motion carried.

B. Discussion on Current Sign Ordinance Relating to Sign Standards Adjustments
The Planning Commission discussed the following:
• Concerned with the recent adjustments applications. Are we comfortable with the sign ordinance the way it is or does it need to be revisited.
• Are we more restrictive than Albertville, Maple Grove, Monticello?
• 32 foot pylon signs are allowed in Monticello
• Proceed on a case by case basis for now
• Have staff research other sign ordinances of communities along the freeway

No action required.

Commissioner Denker moved, Commissioner Ende seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m.
On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

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