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OCTOBER 18, 2011

The meeting of the Rogers Planning Commission was held on October 18, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. was called to order with Commissioners, Breun, Denker, Ende, Terhaar, Kornovich, Noto and Busch present.

Also present were City Planning Consultant Steve Grittman, Deputy Clerk Splett and Councilmember Ihli.

Member(s) excused: Knapp

No one wished to speak.

Chairman Noto inquired if there was anyone who wished to place an item on the Agenda.

The agenda was set as submitted.

A. Approval of the September 20, 2011 Planning Commission Minutes

Commissioner Ende moved, Commissioner Denker seconded a motion to approve the Consent Agenda as submitted.
On the vote, members Breun, Denker, Ende, Noto and Busch voted AYE. Members Kornovich and Terhaar abstained. Motion carried.

A. Public Hearing to Consider the Following Requests by Glen Ertel, Located at 12720 Brockton Lane:
• Rezoning of approximately 109 acres from agricultural to R-2, Single Family Residential and Mixed Use Regional
• Preliminary and Final Plat Approval of Henry Homestead

Planning Consultant Grittman introduced himself and his company and provided his background to the Planning Commission.

Planning Consultant Grittman provided the background information commenting on the following:
• Two requests-rezoning of the property to comply with the land use plan and the request to divide off the existing farmstead and create 3 outlots for future development
• Proposed plat is consistent with current code
• Review suggested conditions for plat approval
• Clarified that the park dedication fees were taken care of with the dedication of Henry's Woods to Hassan Township

Chairman Noto opened the meeting for public comment.

The following comments were registered:
Glen Ertel: This is my sister's farm and I am the acting trustee for her. I am wondering if the change in zoning is going to have an impact on the taxes for the property. The property will continue to be farmed, we only want to divide off the homestead.
Commissioner Noto stated that the property is currently zoned agriculture and is used as such.
Planner Grittman stated that when the subdivision occurs that is what triggers the rezoning. It has been Hennepin County's policy that value is based on the use of the property, and the land use of this property is not changing.
Commissioner Ende stated her concern with Outlot A not able to maintain the green acres status it currently has as it looks like it may be just under the 10 acre requirement.
Commissioner Noto stated that the rezoning and platting to sell the farmstead and the continued use of farming should have no impact on the taxes.
Planner Grittman felt that the green acres status should continue.

Commissioner Breun moved, Commissioner Ende seconded a motion to close the public hearing.
On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

The Planning Commission discussed the following:
• Request is following the land use for this property
• What type of mixed use will be allowed
• Adjust the size of Outlot A so that it will be able to maintain green acres status

Commissioner Noto moved, Commissioner Ende seconded a motion to recommend approval of the rezoning of the subject site from AG, Agricultural to R-2, Single Family Residential and MU-R, Mixed Use Regional and recommend approval of the Henry Homestead Preliminary and Final Plat subject to the following conditions:
1. The City Engineer provide comment and recommendation regarding the need to provide additional right-of-way dedication along the Brockton Lane North.
2. Drainage easements illustrated for Lot 1, Block 1 be increased from 10 to 12 feet along the front property line and from 5 to 6 feet along side property lines (as required by Ordinance). This issue shall be subject to further comment and recommendation by the City Engineer
3. Consideration be given to designating the middle sixty feet of the bisecting drainage and utility easement within Lot 1, Block 1 as a roadway easement.
4. The City Engineer provide comment and recommendation regarding the eventual connection of Lot 1, Block 1 to City sewer and water service.
5. At such time when an alternative, interior road access is available to Lot 1, Block 1, the Brockton Lane driveway access be removed, changing access to the new internal roadway.
6. Additional grading, drainage and utilities issues are subject to comment and recommendation by the City Engineer.
7. The City Attorney provide comment and recommendation regarding the need for the applicant to enter into a development agreement with the City, including the conditions identified in staff reports.
8. Comments related to the resubdivision plan (as provided in this report) be taken into consideration in regard to the future development of Outlots A and B.
9. The Applicant submit a revised Preliminary and Final Plat drawing with the changes recommended in the Planning Commission report, as well as any alteration to the boundary between Lot 1, Block 1 and Outlot A intended to address the size of Outlot A for purposes of preserving rights to Green Acres tax status.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

A. Site Plan Review and Sign Standard Adjustment for Stonelounge
Planning Consultant Grittman provided the background information commenting on the following:
• Requesting two signs – one on John Milless Drive and the other on the north side of the property, adjacent to I-94
• Requesting 20 ft. pylon sign and 188 sq.ft. which is more than what is allowed by code
• The standard sign adjustment process allows for Planning Commission review
• The additional height for the pylon sign is reasonable, the square footage for the sign portion is too much

The Planning Commission discussed the following:
• Vegetation along the freeway blocks the view of the sign if it were to be what is allowed by code - 12 ft. high
• Mr. Benzinger stated that he wants to be able to replace the signs that were allowed there for the previous owner, prior to the storm damage
• The previous sign has been gone for more than one year, the property lost any "grandfathered" rights and requires a completely new approval under current codes
• The freeway sign needs to be higher than 12 ft. so that people know where the restaurant is located if traveling the freeway. Need the 188 sq.ft. sign – 60 sq.ft. would not be enough to be seen. 90 sq.ft. per side would work
• Should be able to compete with the other major restaurant in town and be allowed the same type of signage
• Area calculation done by rectangle area
• Previous sign was approximately 250 sq.ft.
• Entrance ground sign is okay

Commissioner Noto moved, Commissioner Ende seconded a motion to recommend approval of the Sign Standards Adjustment for two freestanding signs and sign height of 20 feet for the pylon and allowing 188 sq.ft. sign area.

On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

A. Commission Membership for 2012

The advertisement has been sent to the City's official paper, North Crow River News to be published two times and also on the City's website. Applications are to be in by noon on Friday, November 4th. Clarification was requested if Hassan residents would be able to apply. Consensus was that they could apply as the appointments would not take place until January of 2012 when they will all be Rogers residents.

No action required.

Commissioner Noto moved, Commissioner Busch seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m.
On the vote, all members voted AYE. Motion carried.

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