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State Statute requires that recycling be made available to residential properties in Minnesota.  This mandatory program is coordinated by the County, but the ultimate requirement falls to cities to ensure that curbside recycling is provided. 

This is accomplished through a curbside recycling contract with a residential recycling contractor, currently Randy's Sanitation.  Recycling fees are collected to pay for the City's contract and to administer administration of the recycling program.   Because of this, there is no "opt-out" option and the fee is charged to all residential properties whether or not the individual property participates by actually recycling.

Recycling pickup occurs every Friday in Rogers (with the exception of certain holidays).  Weekly pickup is a change for many newly-annexed residents who previously received curbside pickup every other week.  The City has received questions from new residents regarding the need for weekly pickup and the costs associated.  The City currently charges $3.00 per month for weekly recycling, amounting to approximately $0.70 per pickup.  In comparison, Hassan Township's contract with Randy's Sanitation paid the contractor $2.55 per month for bi-weekly (every other week) recycling, or approximately $1.10 per pickup.  An additional difference for newly-annexed residents is that, while the Rogers's recycling fee is itemized as part of the residential utility bill, previous Hassan charges were collected through the Township's property tax levy.


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