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What Caterers are familiar with the Community Room?

The caterer list which will give you a list of caterers that previous renters have used and are familiar with the Rogers Community Room.

How many tables are available and what are the dimensions of the tables?

30 - Oval Tables (60" x 72")

29 - 8 Ft. Rectangular/Banquet* (30" x 96")

30 - 8 Ft. Rectangular/Gift Tables (24" x 96")

3 - 6 Ft. Rectangular (30" x 72")

1 - Round (used for punch or cake) (48")

2 - Small Square (used for punch, cake or sign-in table) (30" x 36")

*Rectangular/Banquet tables are typically used for the bridal head table seating (4 per table), and for the buffet tables.

When decorating, are we allowed to use confetti or table sprinkles?

No, confetti of any kind is prohibited due to complications in the cleaning process. The particles do not get picked up by the vacuum cleaners, and therefore must be hand cleaned. If the cleaning crew comes across confetti of any kind, an additional cleaning charge will be taken out of the renter's damage deposit.

We would like to throw birdseed and / or rice outside, is this acceptable?

No, if you would like to have your guests throw birdseed and / or rice, we would prefer that it be done at the wedding site and not at our facility. The Community Room is a public building and has a variety of people using it. Birdseed and / or rice on the walkways can create a hazardous walking situation for many days following your event.

Can we leave food and other items and pick them up the next day?

No, any items that are left in the kitchen or Community Room following your event will be thrown away when our cleaners come into clean the Community Room and kitchen.

I would like to get in earlier in order to decorate, what can I do?

The City's policy is to rent the room if another party is interested in using the facility on the day before a large event. If the room has not been booked one month before your event, you may reserve the facility for your setup needs (see "Prorated Setup Fees").

What is available in the kitchen for my caterers use?

The kitchen contains: 2 stoves, 4 top burners, refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, coffee maker, filters, coffee, carafes, and ice machine. We do not have dishes, silverware, or linens for your use.

We would like to put wine on the tables for the guests, do we still have to contract with the on-sale liquor provider?

Yes, any beverage with any amount of alcohol must be provided by the "Rogers Wine and Spirits" liquor store. Contact Gary Buysee / Liquor manager at 763-428-0163 for details.


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